Malawi Politicians Ignore COVID-19 Measures for Elections

By Lameck Masina | May 19, 2020 03:20 PM
BLANTYRE – Health experts in Malawi are concerned the ongoing presidential campaigns could help to spread the coronavirus.  Political parties are holding mass rallies where few people are wearing face masks or observing social distancing, and one candidate told his supporters to hug each other when they pass on the street.  Health authorities have warned that cases will balloon if the gatherings continue.
Lameck Masina, (Source - VOA)

Coronavirus Or Election? Malawi Gambles In Push For Votes

Officials and experts are sounding the alarm as Malawi shifts to top campaign gear with giant rallies for an unprecedented presidential re-run despite the coronavirus pandemic.
Jack Mcbrams, (Source – AFP News)

Malawi braces for Covid-19

That’s the big question facing Malawi, a country of 18 million people that is known as “the warm heart of Africa,” for its friendly spirit. The country reported its first death from Covid-19 on 7 April. With support from UN agencies, the government is working to keep that number as low as possible. They can’t afford not to.