The Guardian on 16 June 2020, carried an article written by Charles Pensulo titled “Forced retirement of Malawi’s chief justice before June election blocked“.

In the article Pensulo reports a claim made by campaigners without independently verifying its truthfulness. The claim in question was how the;

…bid to remove Andrew Nyirenda from post condemned as an ‘unprecedented assault on judicial independence’.

A journalist filing such a one-sided story and advancing a false claim without verifying it can easily be accused of showing bias.

A cursory glance at how other Justices in the past have left the bench would have revealed a pattern in which Judges take leave pending retirement, especially in instances where their leave days far exceed their remaining employment days, as is the case with Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda who has accumulated 572 leave days.

Judges who have proceeded to retire by way of taking leave pending retirement include:

Justice Kamwambe, Justice Msosa, Justice Munlo and more recently, Justice Jane Ansah and Justice Anthony Kamanga.

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