Malawi Facts is an independent group of researchers who use fact-checking to find, expose and counter lies.

Join the movement that believes everyone deserves good information.



We actively seek the truth by investigating claims and using a diverse range of sources to weigh the veracity of information that is brought into the public domain.


We not only seek the truth, we consider it a matter of patriotic duty to tell the truth. We don’t take sides in any debate but we do stand for the truth.


We discredit falsehoods, no matter who states them. We present the facts without fear or favor. Fact checking is our way of rescuing the political discourses of Malawi from polarisation, willful misrepresentation and malicious misinformation that can potentially undermine our democracy. We defend Malawi by defending the truth.


We value objectivity and believe we owe it to Malawians to present them with the plain facts. Our approach is investigative and research-driven.


We care about our homeland, Malawi. Governments will come and go but our country will remain. We set the record straight, wherever and whenever lies threaten our democracy.


Facts are sacrosanct to us. We believe in the dictum that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but no one is entitled to his or her own facts.